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     1.DescriptionIt is product of obtained by polymerized of α and β pinene of turpentine by cationic catalyst. Product is of light color and low taste, high adhesion, resistant to oxidation and stable to heat with good compatibility.


    2. Specifications


    Standard Value

    Color Gardner,50% Toluene


    Softening PointBy Ring & Ball Method()


    Acid Value (mgKOH/g)


    Saponification Valuemg/g


    Toluene insoluble %


    Arsenic mg/kg




    Heavy Metalsmg/kg


    Residual Solvent  mg/kg


    Residual Monomer  mg/kg




    3. Applications: Basic raw material for chewing gum and bubble gum, adhesives, adhesion agent, sealant, paint and printing ink and other polymerid modifier.


    4. Packaging and Supply: in bags or cartons of 25 Kg net each.

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